Panther Chameleon

By Austin Galinski

Paragraph 1

The Panther Chameleon changes color. It changes color because of resting , mood and

temperature . When the panther chameleon are resting the Panther Chameleon will show vibrant color.I can relate Panther Chameleon and the squid I can relate them because they both change color .

Paragraph 2

The Panther Chameleon will display various color depending on how they feel.

The Panther Chameleon rarely show anger . The Panther Chameleon responds to its temperature using ultra violet light .I remember in science we talked about ultra violet light .


Inhabit -- A living thing that live some where inhabits an home or island

Vibrant---energy and enthusiasm

environment-- your surroundings .

    1. 1.Those birds inhabit all the states in the us

      2.The people around you can be vibrant

      3. The environment around you know well.

This is a picture of a angrier Panther chameleon