Sponsoring Downline Report

The Sponsoring report is the tool that I use to see the Active Date of my downline team members as well as see who is in another team member's downline.

Access this report in the back office under Reporting > Sponsoring

Big image
As you can see it looks very similar to the Downline Report it just has some different columns of information. You can filter/sort it the same way. Click here for those instructions.
The first thing I use this report for is to check the Active Date for team members.

If you scroll over to the far right then you will see their Active Date. You can click the blue Start Date Column heading to sort the column and show whose active until date is coming up next.
The second thing that I use this report for is to access information on a specific designers downline.

To view the Sponsoring report for a specific team member, then click on the pink down arrow on the Downline Report (Reporting > Downline Report) next to their name.

This will then show you that designer's team. You can then click on the different icons to view those specific designers reports.

Any Questions?

If you still have questions, contact your mentor and/or upline.