Leprechaun Trap

Try to catch the Leprechaun


How can I catch a leprechaun with a simple machine?


My Hypothesis is I want the Leprechaun to go down the slide and he will thing there is gold at the bottom but there is not any gold down there. He will not be able to get back up and he will be stuck at the bottom.


First i got all my items I need. Then I painted the oatmeal container. Then I put this gold ribbon on it. After that I cut a hole out of the lid and put a toilet tube in the hole for the slide. Then I made the ladder with popsicle stick. After I made all the stuff I put it all together with my hot glue gun. Finally I made the rainbows and but them and the side and cut out some shamrocks on it and put M&MS on the ladder. Then I was done

What I changed Data

I was going to use a cereal box but know I am going to use a oatmeal tube thing. Know he is going down a side and not going to push the hole anymore.


I used a oatmeal tube not a cereal.

This is what my trap looks like

The items I used is a box, pipecleaner,fools gold,cotton balls,card stock paper,glue,scissors,paint markers, traceable ghamrock and Leprechaun

How It Works

First the leprechaun is going to want to go down the slide because it is free and there is gold at the end so he is going to want to go down it. He will not be able to get out because there is a lid and and he will not going to be able to climb out because it is to steep.