Peak Experience

By: Gabriel N. and Justin J.

Impact on Everest

Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world and has the most divine view, it is great for tourism, and challenging to climb Mt. Everest. But trash that has been left on Mt. Everest and it is becoming a problem, and if some climbers don't make it their lifeless body just sits in the snow still as a statue, it is a tragedy.

Climate on Everest

The climate of Mount Everest is naturally extreme. In January, the coldest month, the summit temperature averages about -36° C and can drop as low as -60° C and when it drops it kills people because how cold it is.

Preparation for climbing Everest

To climb Mt.Everest you'll need some gear, you need some crampons, ice ax, ropes to climb with, and of course oxygen tanks.

Cardiovascular conditioning- Traditionally improved by activity at least 45-60 min and to do it 4-5 times a week.

to improve your climbing skills by training with weights free ones or nautilus machines.

Holly Angelo

Wednesday, March 14th 1951 at 1:30am

Everest, Xigaze, Tibet, China


This is crazy a 14 yr old is trying to climb MT. Everest by the name of Peak you may know him as the kid that climbed that skyscraper. His father Josh wants him to make it to the summit so the skyscraper incident is history, but he has to share his glory with another kid with the same age as Peak but six days older than Peak this kid is Nepalese and his name is Sun-jo. Would Peak and Sun-jo make it before their birthday? Is Josh in it for the money and fame or is he gonna get the money to do something good with it? Know one will know this has been it see you in the next one.

By: Holly Angelo


I met this kid today, he was a few inches shorter than me, he was a Nepalese boy, and we were great friends, we'd have lunch together and we would climb together, until I realized he was getting all of the glory I was mad for a while, until Zopa told me he was his grandfather, and was helping Sunjo that he was bringing him so he didn't have to be a Sherpa I immediately changed ways.


Today I meet a teen called Peak he thought that I was younger than him because of my size. When i met him he was using his gear to cook his food and he had no pants I thought his was crazy but i realized that i did that when i got my gear but without the no pants. When we finished a Puja Ceremony and got a monk called Zopa. Then he gave me some gear but without peak noticing because we gave him new gear and me they gave me his gear when we got to the mountain Peak didn't feel weel a couple days later he was feeling well but i got the virus a few days later i didn't have the virus...........