Nuclear Fusion

By: Grace Spriggs, 12/10/15

Who Am I?

My name is Grace Spriggs and for years I've been working on a way to use nuclear fusion as a safe energy source. From a young age, I've always been pro-alternative energy. I found nuclear energy particularly fascinating so I said "Why not try to create a way to use it as a safe, clean and alternate energy source for the masses?" I did just that. This discovery was almost a decade in the making but well worth it. Me and my colleagues basically discovered a way to isolate certain atoms that are useful and efficient in energy making. By isolating those atoms we're able to use only what we need to produce the energy, reducing production time.

How does Nuclear Fusion work?

Nuclear fusion essentially is the bonding of different nuclei and atoms that will some amount of energy. If the bonded nuclei is lighter than that of iron when binding is at its peak, then fusion will occur. Unlike fusion, fission occurs only when the bonded nuclei is heavier than iron at peak bonding time.
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Safety & Precautions

Unlike fission, a so called "meltdown" isn't possible. The amount fuel produced by fusion at any given time is small. If any disruption were to occur, it would die out like a flame within a matter of seconds. It doesn't leave any long term radioactive waste but all waste material must be properly packaged, treated, and stored off site.

The Economics

This is a very cost effective method of energy. Initial costs of start-up will always be high but after setup is complete the benefits will come. Generating energy from nuclear reactors is cheaper than doing so will oil, gas or coal. This could be an energy sources that will provide for the next generation long after coal and oil run out.