Scientific Revolution

By: Walter Henriquez

What was the CHANGE?

During the Renaissance Age people were very dependent on the church. They did whatever the church said even if it means jumping of a cliff. Then one man spoke out and told everybody that the church was wrong about that the earth was not the center of the universe. After that day a spark went onto people's mind. They started questioning the church. They also started to think for themselves. Then people gave up on the church and started wondering how the natural world works and why it works that way. This was the start of the Scientific Revolution.

Were there people associated with the Scientific Revolution?

There were many people in the revolution but the main one who started it all was Copernicus. He was borned in Torun, Poland and died in Frombork, Poland.He wrote a book called, "On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres. He was the one that said that the sun was the center of the universe not the sun although he started it all he was scared to publish it because the church would have killed him. Now because of him we know that the sun is the center of the universe and because of that we now know how to calculate time.Then there was a man named kepler that was borned in December 27,1571 and died November 15,1630. He wa a German Mathematician and an astronomer. He saw Copernicus theory and thought it was right but he was the one that said that planets revolve in an elliptical orbit. Now we know how the planets revolve and because the planet revolve in an elliptical orbit we know now how we get our four different seasons. Then there was a man named Galileo who was an italian physicist, mathematician, engineer and astronomer. He was borned in February 15, 1564 and died in January 8, 1642. He was the one who figured out that jupiter had at least 4 moons. Last but not least we have Isaac Newton that was born January 4, 1643. He is a mathematician and a physicist. His theory is about Universal Law of Gravity which states that all matter has gravity. This tells us why we orbit around the sun and not wonder of in space. All These people made the Scientific revolution possible especially Copernicus.

Wait...There is More

How did this AFFECT society at the time?

People in the Renaissance Age barely thought about anything so all these new theories baffled them. Although people started thinking this was still a little bit over their comprehension. It might of taken a while for them to actually understand it thoroughly. Barely a few people knew how to read so this slowed them down. Not only that but many people didn't have time to learn how to read because they had to feed their children. That mean they had to wait a few generations so that people could actually understand it. In conclusion this only made people start thinking independently but for people to understand it completely it took a few generation,

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society.

Today i cold day but the sun still eats up up. Its Fall in its about to be winter. Its 7:40 am. The main reason we know all of this is because of them, and also their Theories. Copernicus Said that the center of the universe is the sun and because we know that we can tell what time it is. Then we know that its is fall because Kepler's theory that the earth orbits in an oval and that is what makes up all our different seasons. Galileo helped us with the microscope because we can see that jupiter now has about 64 and not 4 moons. Last but not least is Isaac newton that his theory universal Law of Gravity we know that it is true because we don't float off the earth because of gravity. As you can see these rules still apply to us although we don't know that there are there and just strolling around the park there are a lot of things that effect us.