Grade Two News

Exeter-Milligan Public

Reading and Spelling

Students have been reading about Linda and Kathy who have been stranded on a deserted island. New information has been learned about the ocean, telling the time without a watch, and facts about whirlpools. In spelling students have learned that words that end with the /oy/ sound will be spelled oy and when that sound is in the middle of most words, it will be spelled oi.

Encourage your child to continue work on Book It for November.


Students have learned the sums of facts with 13 and 14, how to order 2 digit numbers, count with nickels, write the date using digits and find a line of symmetry. They even learned to read a recipe and made Apple Jack cookies. Children may continue practice on ixl to improve speed and accuracy of basic addition facts (section E). This next week we will begin 2 digit addition so knowing the basic facts will be very helpful

Social Studies and Science

Students have been learning about goods and services in Social Studies. They also learned steps for making a decision:

1. Tell what decision you need to make.

2. Gather information.

3. List your choices.

4. Tell what might happen with each choice.

5. Make a decision.

In Science, students have discussed the different types of landforms.

To practice these topic on Zondle, go to Social Studies, Chapter 3, Working Together and in Science, Land and Water, Chapter 5.