Essential Questions due TONIGHT


Please submit your responses to the survey no later than Friday, May 12th. NOTE: IF YOU ARE TAKING MORE THAN ONE COURSE, PLEASE SUBMIT A SURVEY FOR EACH COURSE.

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Once I approve your EQ, you are off to do research!

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Tips for writing a good EQ:

  1. Avoid questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” (Ie. Does TV violence influence children?)
  2. Avoid questions that are too general or lead themselves to “definition-only” research ( Ie. What is schizophrenia?)

Your question should be problem-solving based and demonstrate critical thinking.

· ( Ie. How do eating disorders differ between religious and ethnic groups?)

TO DO everyone!!!

Important Dates:

  • 5/02 Open the Project
  • 5/05 Essential Questions are due
  • 5/10 Outline & Works Cited Due - ESSAY GRADE!
  • 5/13 PowerPoint Presentation Due in both assignment & Discussion Forum
  • 5/17 Discussion Comments Due & Last day to submit Presentation for Late Grade
  • 5/18 Last day to submit discussion comments for late grade.

These items will open on Monday May 2

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Use the image as a hyperlink to the TutorTalk article, Test Relaxation Techniques, which is found here:

We are continuing to recruit through the end of spring semester. The recruitment process is very simple.