Google Add-ons, Apps, & Extensions

To support you in the classroom.

Why are Google Add-Ons, Apps, & Extensions Useful?

Add-ons run inside Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms. Add-Ons increase the productivity of the Google applications you are using. There are many different Add-ons available.

In addition to Add-ons, you can add Apps to your Google Drive to increase your productivity and streamline tasks that need to be completed.

Google Chrome Extensions are browser extensions that modify the Google Chrome browser.

There are a multitude of Apps, Add-ons, and Extensions. In this newsletter, you will find a sample of different tools that could benefit you in your classroom.

If you have questions, or need further assistance with the tools, please let me know and we can schedule an appointment to help you get started.



"Write virtually any mathematical expression directly on your PC or Chromebook’s keyboard or touchscreen. Input’s easy: you don’t need to know any math code or programming languages. g(Math) understands what you’re typing, instantly turning your expressions into clear, accurate on-screen formulas.

If you’d prefer to dictate or handwrite your equations or formulas, there is a Speech Input function and a Handwriting Entry tool within the Add-on. With these features, you can cater the tool to your unique learning style."

Teacher Hacks: How to Use g(math)

EasyBib Biblography Creator

"The easiest automatic bibliography citation generator is now on Google Docs! Format in MLA, APA, Harvard, and over 7K more styles!

The Bibliography Creator by EasyBib allows you to easily create a bibliography for your research paper. Automatically cite books, journal articles, and websites just by entering in the titles or URLs. Format citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and over 7K other styles. When you're finished creating your bibliography, click Generate Bibliography and we'll alphabetize your citations and add them to the end of your paper."
EasyBib Add-On for Google Docs
Speech Recoginition

The Speech Recognition add-on will allow you to use speech recognition to write your Google Docs documents. With the use of a microphone, simply speak and your information will be typed.

Speech Recognition



Convert anything to anything.


CloudConvert is a online file conversion utility. More than 200 different formats are supported.


Text to Speech

Reads any selected text in the browser.

Text to Speech

The Text to Speech extension available in the Google Web Store is an extension that will read highlighted text. This is an excellent resource for students who struggle with reading.
Select and Speak - Free Text to Speech (Chrome Extension)