Embedded Assessment

From the prospective of Justice Wargrave

Entry 1

This noon I will hope to trick the doctor, Armstrong. From what I know this Dr. Armstrong will fall for my ingenious trick. From what we know we are finding the cave that can get us out of here, this forlorn Indian Island beau see of the deaths caused by the "U.N. Owens". U.N. Owens, ha ha, that's the oldest trick in the book! These men and women "adults" should of known better. What the Dr, Dr. Armstrong doesn't know is the poem. "A red herring swallowed one and then there were three" he was the red herring. I can't leave the poem, I have to give him and the lucky ones left the red herring.

Entry 2

It is noon now, I can't wait. The sky is clear and he doesn't see it coming. One must finish their job without an acquaintance. "Um Dr. Armstrong look under the cliff" That was the only phrase I could say with out giving away my cover. Stupid.. Dr. Armstrong is stupid. A man like him who has done many surgeries has given in. At once he looked at the side of the cliff. Bent over I was ready to get this dirty business done once and for all. With one swift kick he fell over. Him falling to the high waters below was the most relaxing sound I have ever heard. One down three to go.

Entry 3

Will they fall for it? Now that I have gotten done with that dirty business, Armstrong, all that is left is Claythorn, Blore and Lombard. I have to make the Poem true. Red Herring, yes the red herring, I have given them that. The next trick, I have got to prepare. Now should I trick them into going outside? The house seems quite. Oh, look a door cracking open, is that Blore? Yes, it's Blore that ex inspector trying to find the source of the ruckus down stairs. I have lured him out just as I suspected. He might of saw my dark figure out the door. What a bone head. Ha, the doesn't see what is coming. Now that I'm outside in the cold wind I've got to set the next trick. They need to watch their back this time.
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