CSinPA K-8 Pathway



Seeking a cohort of educators interested in learning more about Computer Science in Pennsylvania K-8. Join us for a virtual CS pathway.

What is it?

  • No cost
  • 48 hours of Act 48 credit
  • 100% virtual experience consisting of asynchronous and synchronous online activities that support participants to expand CS access for all students.

Why get teachers to participate?

The Pathway supports K-8 educators involved with Computer Science instruction, whether as stand-alone classes or by integrating Computer Science concepts and practices into other content-area instruction. It is recommended, but not required, that districts engage with a team of 2+ educators to allow for collaboration throughout the pathway.

Who is able and encouraged to participate?

Any K-8 educator may participate!

You may be interested if:

  • Your district received a PAsmart Targeted Grant and would like more staff members to participate in Computer Science professional development.
  • Have completed CS SCRIPT and set district goals.
  • Have NOT participated in PAsmart but want to engage educators and deeper understanding and learning related to Computer Science.

  • Please Note: This pathway is NOT recommended for individual educators who have already completed the statewide K-8 PATTAN hosted pathway series as part of the PAsmart Targeted Grant program.

What is the structure of the Pathway?

  • Teachers will complete 8 sequential modules of professional learning with up to 6 hours of activities each (1 module to complete per month) in Schoology.
  • These modules are mainly asynchronous with a few synchronous connection opportunities-teachers work at their own pace!
  • IU Support Checkpoints will be implemented throughout the modules.
  • Running two cohorts - Spring and Summer
  • The content in each cohort will be the same

2021 Cohort Dates

Summer-Fall 2021 Cohort Dates:

June 15, 2021 - - December 31, 2021