Ms. Rutter's Weekly News!

October 24th-28th, 2022

Upcoming Dates...

Monday: (Cycle Day 5)

Tuesday: (Cycle Day 6)

Wednesday: (Cycle Day 7)

Thursday: (Cycle Day 8)

Friday: (Cycle Day 9). Early Release Day!

Turkey Tom

On Monday we will read the book "Turkey Trouble." The turkey in this book disguises himself so he doesn't become Thanksgiving dinner! Your child will bring home his/her own Turkey to disguise and bring back to school!

Be creative as we will hang them for display!

Round Trip Folders

PLEASE make sure you are checking your child's folder each day. I am noticing a lot of papers, art projects, and important information that is in the folders all week. Also, please make sure your child is bringing his/her folder to school everyday. They have a tendency to stuff all of their papers in their backpack without it.

What did we learn this week?

Reading: We read "Spookley the Square Pumpkin" and did a fun art project!

Writing: I continued modeling the the writing process. (Think, Draw, Say and Test, Clap and Count, Write) The students are still working on the "who" and "did what." This week the students thought of their idea, drew a picture, and wrote a line for each word and sounds that they heard in each word.

Phonics: We continued to work on our "zoo" friends with sounds. We also have been working on rhyming words, syllables and beginning sounds.


We also learned the poem "5 Little Pumpkins." We learned two new high frequency words; "my,"
"we" and "on."

Math: This week we began taking about objects that are the "SAME" and objects that are "DIFFERENT." We did a lot of math talk with pictures, and learned the game "memory."