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for the week of December 6 - 10

UPCOMING COLLEGE VISITS - SIGN UP NOW THROUGH NAVIANCE! (Held in the College and Career Center.) Students must sign up via Naviance and show a print-out or photo of their Naviance registration to their teachers to leave class.

December 7th

Pacific Northwest College of Art - 12:30pm


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Due 12/3

Due 12/5

Due 12/6

  • Make the U Scholarship $1,000 A Scholarship for Students of Hispanic or Latino descent who have maintained academic excellence, have dedicated service to the community, and have demonstrated leadership.

Due 12/13

  • Science Ambassadors Scholarship If you are a female interested in a career in STEM you can earn one year’s tuition by creating a 3 minute video explaining a STEM project you are passionate about.

Due 12/15

Early Bird Deadline 2/25

  • OSAC Scholarship and Grant This application gives access to hundreds of scholarships for Oregon students, including the King City Lions Scholarship provided to Tualatin and Tigard High grads each year. The final application is due March 31, 2022.


  • PCC Foundation Scholarship This PCC award offers hundreds of scholarships every year to students who may not otherwise be able to afford an education. Due 2/1

  • OSU ScholarDollars Application By submitting an application, you will be considered for nearly 2,000 OSU scholarship opportunities! Most are due by 2/15.

Interested in learning about careers in the Trades? The Military or a Part time job or volunteer opportunity?

The College and Career Center has a wealth of information for students on trade training options, information on paths and scholarship opportunities through military branches and many local businesses who have reached out searching for student job candidates. Applications are on the College and Career Website. Come visit us in the College and Career Center to find out more! Check out the full list on the Website.