Andrew Phomakay


What I like about my family is they are nice and respectful to other people. They also believe in people. The most thing I like about them is they are funny and they are my family. They also like to help people.


I think about helping people out and fixing things.I also like to think about following my uncle foot steps I want to be a doctor like him and I also don't want to let him down.

Personality traits

I act nice to people and to the ones i don't know. I also respect everyone even if they don't know me. I also don't get mad easily if someone is annoying me or getting on my nerves.


Three things that I work hard for and I am good at fixing things, helping people, and making things. Doctor and engineer would need this skills .

multiple intelligence

My strongest multiple intelligence is being a mechanic or a doctor.


My top three life values are family, friends, and education.

My top three work values are helping people and learning new things and helping family.

Brain Orientation

I am left brain I don't know two careers that incorporate my results.


My activity at school include math, science, reading, and writing. side of school is going outside and hanging out with friends.

ways to improve

  • Study hard
  • Get a good education
  • Find a good job

Its all good

Having a great brother having a mom and having my uncle and friends and family.

Kuder test results








Work hard get a good education and get a job.

Arkansas Work Values Results

My highest two work values are taking responsibility and doing your work. I agree because that is the right thing to do.

My future

Go to college get a good education get a good job start a family and Help people.