The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile to support your son on his extra mile.

A note from the Ms. Phillips

Dear Parents,

Monday begins the 3rd Quarter, this is the final stretch !!! As of today our Spring testing calendar is as follows:

FSA Writing: March 1, 2016

FSA Math (paper based): End of March/Beginning of April (date is not completely set)

FSA Reading (computer based): Second Week of April (dates are not completely set)

Please note these dates and the weeks prior, as they are vitally important that your sons be in class. In the coming I will be emailing each parent with the results of our Discovery Education 2nd test that we took. As a whole we did amazing. I am very proud of the boys.

How you can help at home, you may be wondering, here are three activities you can do with your child daily to help to make their skills stronger and allow them to achieve their true potential.

  • AR reading on their level - reading daily!!!
  • Continue memorizing and practicing multiplication tables
  • writing - Have the students write daily, in a journal. We will be starting this as a daily enrichment. I will count this as a project grade. Students will be required to write about their day. Every Wednesday they will have a small writing prompt to put in their journals. If the students have an extra composition notebook, we will use that. Otherwise, students will need a composition notebook. How will this work, this is how this will be active both in class and at home:
  1. Start the writing in the morning, during morning work. Students will write their topic of the daily journal entry down. If hey have time they will write or begin the entry.
  2. When they return home they are to finish the entry.
  3. How you can help, ensure that they answer the question. Make sure if they need transition words, they are using them, ensure that the sentence make sense. Please remember that spelling is NOT a great concern, if you can understand what they are writing then it will be ok (per state standards).
  4. I will send out a copy of the Rubric we use for writing so that you can help your child with writing.
  5. I will take one grade a week for the entries, if they have the entries written and answer the prompt then they will earn the full 100 points. 20 points per entry.

I hope that these activities and what we do in school will help to ensure confidence. Our students are very prepared for the state FSA. I am very proud of each and every one of them. At this point in our journey together we need to help encourage them to have faith and trust in themselves. This is the only faulty part of our journey, the boys need more confidence in themselves, academically.

I am super excited about the upcoming quarter, we have many interesting topics. I can't wait and am super excited.

Ms. Phillips

Curriculum Focus


  • We are for looking at Mars from two different sources, we are reading Discovering Mars.
  • In Writing, we will continue the writing process. We have started Narrative writing.
  • We continue Cold Reads. Time management with work continues to plague us, please continue to work with your sons to help to manage time better.


  • Chapter 9:


  • Unit 8 - Force and Motion

Social Studies

  • Unit 2 - complete.
  • We will wrap up Unit 2 by completing a Journey Journal project.

This Week ..


  • Social Studies Quiz (Open book)

  • Discovery Probe
  • Spelling Pre-Test
  • Franklin Writes - Informative Essay
  • Math Quiz (will review but most likely be done on Wednesday)

  • Science Unit 8 Test
  • Cold Reads

  • Journey Journals Due (Social Studies)
  • Spelling Post-Test
  • STEM LAB (make-up)

Contact Information

Please contact me with any ideas, concerns or needs.