Andrew Jackson


Helped the 'Common Man"

Andrew Jackson came from humble beginnings. He grew up in a log cabin with his family working hard labor. He went to school and with hard work he scaled the social classes to the wealthy and was finally became president. Since he understands how to people of the lower class feel, he was able to help them with the Spoils System, killing the National Bank, and the Indian Removal Act. The spoils system was when anyone could appoint a job in government to any of the supporters of Andrew Jackson.

Removal of the Indians

When the Cherokee indians refused to move to the new land in Ohio, Andrew Jackson enforced it. And even then when the Cherokees sued the US Government at the Worcester v. Georgia court case and the Supreme court ruled in the Cherokee's favor, he ignored the Supreme Court and enforced the Cherokee Removal Act. The people of the US turned the other cheek because gold was found on the Cherokee's land and the land was being given away in lotteries. This helped expand our nation and gave people the chance for economical growth.

Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis was caused by the tariffs Andrew Jackson made in 1828 and 1832. He believed that these taxes would help the economy but only helped the North and hurt the South. The South strongly relied on imports since they lacked industry. South Carolina was raged by these tariffs and decided to nullify them and threatened to secede. Congress then passed the Force Bill which gave Andrew Jackson the power to use the US military to force South Caroline to pay. South Caroline gave in and decided to pay their tariffs with the Compromise tariff or 1833.
Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14
In the political cartoon above, it shows Andrew Jackson holding up the National Bank law. It also shows the people of the national bank and the wealthy running away and one of them even appears to have horns. So Jackson vetoed it and helped the nation by distributing the money to state banks so everyone gets a fair share instead of just the wealthy since the bank was corrupt.