The Creepy Goblin House

Asking price: $27,807.99


  • 3 Stinky Bathrooms
  • 5 Dark Bedrooms
  • Pool of mud and dirt
  • Mice, spiders, and ants
  • 5 Freaky Ghosts

Located At:

722 Ghoulish Way

Slimeville, MD

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SOLD BY: Ghosts and Goblin Realtors


You will never want to leave this repulsive, gigantic 5 bedroom house. Full of spider webs and mice scurrying across the floor. The grisly, dirty, old wood floors creak with every step you make. There are 7 broken windows to allow creatures from the outside to live with you. In addition, there is a large pool of mud and dirt in the back yard for your kids to enjoy.