SSAE High School Bytes

March 2019


Here is important information for SSAE high school students and parents.

Ram Rally Recognitions

Shining Stars are high school students who have been recognized for showing desirable character traits like perseverance, follow through, initiative, work ethic, outstanding work, and improvement.

Upcoming Important Dates

March 2019

3/7/19 - Napoleon Dynamite Movie Night (3pm-5pm)

3/8/19 - Staff Development - No School

3/12/19 - Mandatory In-Building ALEKS Testing in student’s math class. If a student is unable to attend on that date - PLEASE call Mrs. Olson or Ms. McClain to schedule another time for testing prior to 3/15.

3/18/19 - 3/31/19 - Spring Break - No School

April 2019 (*Testing dates)

4/1/19- Students return after Spring Break

4/2/19- *Star 360 testing in classes

4/9/19- *SAT 11th grade testing

4/11/19- *PSAT 9th & 10th grade testing

4/16/19- *CMAS testing 11th grade Science (building closed all day to students)

4/18/19- Senior Breakfast- SSAE building closed until noon. Students can drop in for assistance from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM- no regularly scheduled classes.

4/19/19- NHS Talent Show 4:30-8:00 PM

4/20/19- Spring Formal "Starry Nights" at the Pinery at the Hill 7:30-10:30 PM

May 2019

5/1/19- Movie Day: Avengers: Endgame at Cinemark (tickets $10) 1:30-4:30 PM

5/2/19- 3.75 dinner (invite only)

5/7/19- World Languages Final Exam

5/9/19- Star 360 testing through classes

5/10/19- No inbuilding school- Professional Development Day

5/14/19- Market Day (info to come)

5/16/19- ALEKS testing in building

5/17/19- Graduation

TBD- Yearbook Signing Party

Teacher and counselor contact information


Jennifer Aubain- Social Studies (719) 362-0412

Jennifer Burkhart- English (719) 749-6159

Susie McClain- Math (719) 629-7420

Galia Minshew- World Language (970) 633-2282

Kyle Mogensen- Science (970) 880-1438

Jenny Olson- Math (719) 749-1137

Josh Wixom- Engineering/electives (719) 208-4178

Kara Wichman- Art (719) 581-9603


Amanda Pethtel- 11th/12th grade School Counselor/Special Programs Counselor


Katy Swann- 6th-10th grade School Counselor (719) 213-0336

Important Information for Seniors

Senior Breakfast

Thursday, April 18th, 7:30am

Creekside Success Center, 3850 Pony Tracks Dr., Colo. Springs, CO

Who: Breakfast is complimentary for the graduate and 3 guests. The deadline to RSVP is April 1st. Seating is limited so there are no additional tickets available.

The senior breakfast is a time to celebrate the Seniors and give them an opportunity to thank a special person (typically a family member or teacher) who has helped support them through high school. This is done through a capping ceremony. Students will be sent a Google Form on February 27th to fill out with the person they would like to honor, 3-4 sentences about why they chose them, and they choose a special teacher or staff member to read their capping card. The deadline to submit the form is April 1st. The cap and gowns will be distributed at the Senior breakfast as well.

Breakfast and Capping Ceremony Link:

Senior Breakfast/Capping Ceremony

Military Honor Cords: Students who have or had an immediate family member(s) in the Military during the student's academic school years will be able to honor their family member(s) with a Military Honor Cord to wear at Graduation. Please fill out the link below by April 1st as we do not want to miss anyone. Students will receive their cord at Senior Breakfast.

Military Cord Orders