Shepard Staff Updates

October 5, 2018

To Do and Thank You

To Do (New):

1. Please make sure to add any before or after school duties to your sub plans. If you need coverage for an early morning duty (7:00), make sure to arrange that with another staff member ahead of time. I am almost always here at 7:00 and I am happy to help anywhere!

2. Complete the KidTalk google form by Wednesday afternoon for Thursday KidTalk.

3. Send me any thank you notes you want added to the Smore. :) I love having LOTS of things to add because we are pretty amazing here at Shepard!

4. If students make a phone call from your classroom, please have them leave a message. The number that shows up on caller ID is the Shepard main line, so if the student doesn't leave a message, parents have no idea what the phone call was in reference to and they call the office for information.

5. Have some fun and relax this weekend - it is a great time to recharge!

To Do (Rolled over from last week):

1. Look into districtwide goal groups and see if one fits your goal. These are online via google classroom and a great way to connect with other teachers! Find the information here:

Thank You:

1. Thank you to 4th grade, special education and Julie for helping with Camp Shepard - we super appreciate your flexibility!

2. Getting Boo'ed is so much fun - Thanks Kylee and Ashley!

3. Thank you to Angie Slate for taking our Camp Shepard students to the Outdoor Learning Center!

4. Great work, Sherre and Ryan, for picking up extra morning duty this week!

5. We appreciate how EVERYONE really pitched in this week with a lot of extra stuff going on - great teamwork!

6. Kindergarten - Awesome job getting all the super cool stuff set up for Friday. I loved watching the students work on their tissue paper pumpkins! Also, Kindergarten, thanks for being flexible with splitting classes on Monday!

7. Thank you, Julie Herrera, for covering a 5th grade class when we were short a sub!

Upcoming Dates

Week of October 8:

October 8: NO SCHOOL!

October 9: Conference Day - Professional Dress

October 10: PDH extra hours until 4:45

October 11: Kate out for New Administrators Meeting; KidTalk

October 12: End of grading period

Week of October 15:

October 15: Kristin and Kate off campus for meeting at Special Programs at 1:00

October 16-18: Kate off campus for T-TESS training

October 16: Kristin off campus for training at Region 10

October 17: Picture Day, Kristin and Kate at ILead Meeting in the morning, Dennis Lee at 1:30, Staff Meeting (Get ready for a BUSY DAY!)

October 19: Documentation due in Edugence, Report cards sent home

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