Ellis Island

Tyler H.


Have ever wondered what Ellis island looks like? Ellis Island was an island that had immigrants to be checked in to America. There was no other place to be checked in into America. If the immigrants did not pass, they would have to be sent back to the country that they came from.

The purpose of Ellis Island

Ellis Island was a good place to stay, until you got called up to get checked on. You were perfectly fine and calm and you were being fed and you are then in devastation when you can enter the United States or you could be sent back to their home in their country. They have the Island there because they had to put the citizens somewhere to stay and be there for a couple days. They had no other place to stay than Ellis Island.

Samuel Ellis

Ellis Island was named after a merchant from Manhattan named Samuel Ellis. Samuel Ellis was the owner at owner throughout the 1770's. In 1808, the Island was sold from New York to the federal government , it was later used powder magazine and a fort. It later served as the nation's major station for immigrants from 1892 to 1924. After immigration reception, Ellis Island was moved back to New York after the island moved somewhere in idea of the federal government.
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