Public Health Courses

Fall 2016 - Open to ALL Majors - NO prerequisites

PBH 101 Introduction to Public Health Tues-Thurs 4:00-5:15 pm

Provides an overview of public health which cuts across fields of politics, economics, communication, sociology, history and healthcare. From the black plague to the bird flu; smog to nuclear waste, the interdisciplinary nature of public health is explored through literature,film, television, and electronic and print media. Approaches to improve health through education, advocacy, and legislation will be reviewed in relation to the continually evolving challenges in public health.

PBH 103 Epidemiology Mon-Wed 8:00-9:15 am

Epidemiology is intended to provide an overview of concepts dealing with how we study the distribution of diseases and their causes in populations. The emphasis will be on putting epidemiologic data in context so that participants can become better consumers of health data, at the personal and community level and as an engaged citizen.

Everyone Welcome to Join the new Public Health Club at Nazareth College

Have you considered a Public Health Program Major/Minor?

Public health teaches you to tackle health issues at the population level, learning how the environment, media, government policies, and health care delivery systems affect health. This program works well as a double major with programs such as anthropology or business.