Sepak takraw

Indonesian Traditional Sports

What is Sepak Takraw?

Sepak Takraw is the tarditional sport of Indonesia, it is also known as kick volleyball.

How is it played

Sepak Takraw is played with two teams which consist of 3 players. The players must get the ball over the net and to the other team (like volleyball) they are only using their head, feet, chest and knee. The game is decided by the best of 5 sets so is a team wins 3 of those sets then they are announced the winners. They get 1 point if the other team can`t return it, it goes out and if there wasn`t a proper serve the team that reaches 15 wins and in a case where it is 14-14 then the game goes on until one team reaches 17 or a team gets a lead of 2 points

Who else play sports?

Along with Indonesia many other countries play this sport, such as...

Malaysia, Laos, Jordan, Syria, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Iran, Germany, France, England, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Bosnia, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Turkey, Finland, Austria, Greece, Serbia, Ireland, Croatia, Scotland, Wales, Malta, Macedonia, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, America, Canada, Argentina, Jamaica, Per, Uruguay, China, Japan South Korea, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanauatu, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Papua New Guinea and much, much more...

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Sepak Takraw in Indonesia

Some of the earliest traces of Sepak Takraw is dated back to the 19th century but it wasn`t until around the 1940`s that the game was played competitively with rules and a scoring system. Indonesia is one of the big countries when it come to Sepak Takraw and they are on of the best playing countries in the region along with countries such as Malaysia and Thailand whom they compete against.


Some major tournaments which are held evry year are the Thailand Kings Cup Championships, Malaysia ISTAF World Cup and ISTAF Super Series these are held by the ISTAF (International Sepak Takraw Federation. Sepak Takraw is now a reguylar event at the Southeast Asian Cup (occurs evry 2 years) and Asian Cup (occurs every 4 years).

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This is the official logo of the International Sepak Takraw Federation