Mankind Is Causing Climate Change

By: Alexis Holder

But How?

It is due to humans poor behavior that global warming has begun. There are many causes of global warming, but the majority of them relate back to the fact that humans currently don't care enough to change their habits for their community.

Emission of Greenhouse Gases

Mankind is causing global warming with the emission of greenhouse gases. The earth has a natural greenhouse effect where certain gases (greenhouses gases) in the atmosphere allow the sunlight to enter but absorb heat radiation. Since the industrial revolution, human activity has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The increases amount of gases has lead to more heat being retained in the atmosphere. Which causes the increase in global average surface temperatures.

The increase in emission of carbon dioxide within the last 30 years caused by burning fossil fuels is one of the major reason for climate change. Within this issue, is the problem that it is impossible to find alternate resources for fossil fuels coal, oil, or gas. It took millions of years to generate these resources, but as time goes on we will eventually run out of these sources.

Treatment of Nature

Why does society refuse to change their personal behavior even though they know that global warming is a large issue? We are not respecting nature and taking care of our environment and this is why global warming is our fault.

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Effect on the Human Race on a Psychological Level: 19%

The psychological level is how society pollutes the planet although they know it is destroying our world. Studies have shown that three basic components define a person’s basic nature (trigunas): sattva, raja, and tama. These trigunas summarize the qualities of an individual’s personality cleanliness and calmness on one side, and then it shows personality defects like selfishness and greed. So, this is stating that people are polluting the air because 1) they are trying to stay clean in there daily life that they overlook the fact they are polluting the air. Then 2) because they are too selfish to change their habits because they do not care about the well being of the society.

Effect at a Spiritual Level: 25%

The spiritual level is saying that the desire and capacity to look after God’s entire creation is minimal . Early eras had a spiritual of 70 percent showing society love towards all people, animate, and inanimate creations. Our spiritual level is so low because people “focus only on achieving happiness for themselves, often at the expense of nature, human and other living beings” (Spiritual search foundation).