Small Counseling Newsletter

January 2021

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Student Resources

Outyouth: LGBTQ+ Support Groups

Outyouth is offering free online groups for MS and HS students! Outyouth is one of our amazing community partners who support LGBTQ+ and questioning students. See the attached flier or visit the link for registration/parental consent.

High School Information

High School Transition Advising Sessions - 8th Grade

It is time to begin planning for your child’s transition to high school. We know that this transition can come with a lot of anxiousness, excitement, and most of all - questions! We are committed to helping your 8th grader have a positive and smooth experience as they transition into high school.

We invite you to set up a meeting with our Wellness Counselor, Ms.Grossman, to help simplify the transition process. In these meetings you will learn about high school transition, HB5, high school requirements, endorsements, and will go over a 4 year PGP.

Use the link below to sign up for a virtual one-on-one 15 minute meeting, via Zoom.

Click Here to Sign up

Additional Resources and Information