Banned Books:

What's the big idea lurking behind Banning Books?

Banned Books Week 2011


The Banning of books has been noted throughout the world and for many reasons. "Usually the intention is to protect people, especially children, from controversial ideas or opinions that are considered dangerous." (Pitner, 2009). We celebrate Banned Books at Sturgis to raise awareness of the issue and to encourage everyone to exercise their freedom to read."


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CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO find out if your favorite book has been banned or challenged by exploring the top ten lists of the 21st century below. For more information on how many books were challenged in a given year or for reasons why these books were challenged, please explore the top ten list by year.

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Senior student stands up for Literature

Book banning school board speech

Help Create the Tower of Books! Bring a Banned Book from home or find one to bring!

Read a Slice of a Banned Book!

We are hoping to have many students participate in a "virtual read-out" from some of these books, as the language is well worth hearing again and again, so consider a favorite quote to share with your advisory...and maybe, the world!


Bookmans Does Banned Books