PG (rated) Wodehouse

The Smokey Life of a Whimsical Man

Commodious Beginnings

His very early life was characterized by a rich upbringing with absent parents. He spent most of his time with his aunts, which displays the comical mocking of Aunt Dahliah in his story "The Code of the Woosters. Wodehouse received a refined education within the upper class society of England. After college, Wodehouse found a job as a journalist for a few different newspapers. Later he moved on to writing song lyrics, eventually writing over 250 song lyrics for different musicals.

Wodehouse's breakthrough in the world of literature resulted in his first book "The Pohunters"

Amongst Wodehouse's ever-changing career, he found himself taken captive by German in the invasion of Belgium in 1940.

“I never was interested in politics. I'm quite unable to work up any kind of belligerent feeling. Just as I'm about to feel belligerent about some country I meet a decent sort of chap. We go out together and lose any fighting thoughts or feelings.”

“A short time ago they had a look at me on parade and got the right idea; at least they sent us to the local lunatic asylum. And I have been there forty-two weeks. There is a good deal to be said for internment. It keeps you out of the saloon and helps you to keep up with your reading. The chief trouble is that it means you are away from home for a long time. When I join my wife I had better take along a letter of introduction to be on the safe side.”

“In the days before the war I had always been modestly proud of being an Englishman, but now that I have been some months resident in this bin or repository of Englishmen I am not so sure. ...The only concession I want from Germany is that she gives me a loaf of bread, tells the gentlemen with muskets at the main gate to look the other way, and leaves the rest to me. In return I am prepared to hand over India, an autographed set of my books, and to reveal the secret process of cooking sliced potatoes on a radiator. This offer holds good till Wednesday week.”

His favorite characters: Jeeves and Bertie Wooster