Inventions of Ancient India

By Brady and Sebastian

Indoor Plumbing

Indoor plumbing was invented mainly used to keep people clean. It made peoples life easier by simplifying the process of bathing to standing in a bathtub and dumping water on your head. Staying clean helped people to avoid diseases and infection. Over time the indoor plumbing has evolved and is still used today but instead of dumping waste on to the street we send it into the sewer.


Some of the first ancient medicine notes were written in a book around 1000 BC. Doctors from the northern section of india wrote a medical book called Atharva veda. This book was written to explain how to treat diseases. The doctors believed that infection and disease were caused by bad spirits. The doctors believed that the only way to cure you of the bad spirits was to banish them by using potions (antibiotics). Over time this book evolved in many ways. In around 200 AD the Greek, Chinese and Indian abandon the theory of spirits causing infection. Also people added techniques of medical curing to the book. This book is very important to many people including doctors of ancient India and even to doctors in current day. People still use some of the medicine and techniques of the past.