Poetry Project

By: Cinthia Hinojosa

I Wish

I wish I had a bigger house

I wish I had a cow

I wish I had more pets

I wish I had a big jar of Nutella

I wish I had no pain

I wish I had better grades

I wish I had more time to do more things

I wish I had a magic wand to make all my wishes come true


5 second of summer,

y'all are gorgeous, I bet.

It's such a bummer

that we have not met.

You have the right beat

for each of my days.

We have to meet,

y'all are my baes.

Please stay as awesome,

and cool as you are.

You are the blossom,

I need in my heart.

Free Verse "Love"

As much as I want to leave you

You make me come back

You make me hate my self

but you also make me love life

You are different than the rest

You are one of a kind

Everytime I try to walk away

you give me another reason to make me want to stay