Black and White

by Paul Volponi

Ball is Life

by Jesse, Harman, and Christopher

Black and White Summary

The story Black and White, written by Paul Volponi, is about two best friends that are black and white. The black one is Marcus and the white one is Eddie. They both play basketball for their school and they are the best on their team. During their senior year they were low on money so they started to do stickups with Eddie's late grandpa's gun. One of the stickups they did they accidentally shot a person while robbing him. They then go though school being worried if the guy died or not and if they were going to get arrested.


Marcus is a sneaky person. Marcus is sneaky because he was secretly dating his best friend's sister Rose. In the book Marcus goes on dates with his friend's sister and he doesn't want his friend Eddie to know. This shows how sneaky Marcus is because Eddie didn't even know until later in the story.
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"I'd like people to remember me as somebody they could depend on. No matter what happens I'm always right there. I'm not the kind of person who walks away when things get tough. I don't care if it's crunch time on the basketball court or the last play of a football game, I'm willing to put my self on the line." (Volponi 130)

"Dont say anything until I get you a lawyer" (Volponi 87)

"I only knew that I wanted to try." (Volponi 185)

"Once you sign that letter, and commit to St. John's, your're a member of our family."

(Volponi 112)

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