The war of 1812

by Brenton

war with Britian

Leading up to war

Great Britian was atacking U.S. posts, while threatening to atack the U.S. ships. The British forced the U.S. sailers to work for there navy. We were conflict w/ the British for the northern territory. The indians jioned the British.

War with great Britian begins

James Madison became president in 1809, although he wanted peace the warhawks wanted war, they wanted war for many reasons one of the reasons was because of the British atacks on U.S. ships. Finaly they got there war with canada.

The war at sea

The U.S. tried to invade canada sevral times but failed every time, although the losses at canada were sadining the victories at sea were emmensly gladdning to the U.S. Navy.

Battles on land

The British set fire to the white House in 1814.Then they tried to capture the city of baltimore. While the British were bombing the white house a man could not escape and was inspierd to write the national anthom.

Fighting for new orleans

British and the U.S. siened a peace treaty, and before the news could reach america the U.S. and British were still fighting for new orleans and we won.

The return of peace

No more problems w/ naval policies.We stood up to the most powerful nation in the world, and wn