The Boy Who Dared

By: Haley Brock, Ryan Torres, Jaxson Iliff, & Bella Crawford

Original Problem in History

Our problem is rights being taken away, example in history is based of time set of our book, The Boy Who Dared: WWII, the Holocaust. This is an example of the rights of Jews being taken away.. Some may believe this problem started with Hitler or other Germans who blamed the Jews for the losing of WWI, but the problem of equality dates as far back as the 1870’s with the ancient romans. Though the holocaust was when the problem had reached its peak and Hitler began to put at false propaganda about the Jews being trustworthy and if they were really german citizens. Once the majority of citizens had come to believe the things that Hitler said, many didn’t find it weird and some found it deserved when Hitler began to take away Jew’s rights and even organize the holocaust, to kill them.

How the problem was solved

Historical fiction background- When Hitler was voted as chancellor of Germany, he gave the Jews no choice when he took their life from them. So when they started to do camps for the Jews. And when America and the French marched into Germany and discovered what was going on then they put an end to the camps and gave them there right back.

Summary of the book- Helmuth grew up in Germany and dreamed of being a soldier for the fatherland. But all that changed when Helmuths best friends dad was murdered by the SA. So as the years went on Helmuth kept falling away from the Nazis. But when he starts seeking illegal British waves and announces to the town that Hitler is in town, then he is arrested, beaten , and tortured.

Current problem that is similar to the one you read about in your book

Historical fiction background-The Boy Who Dared by Susan C. Bartoletti

Summary of the Book- A german hitler youth student named Helmuth Hubener is trying to fight the Gov. because he believes that Adolf Hitler(the fuhrer)is a liar and trying to become all powerful even though he promised peace soon he get thrown in jail and sentenced to death.

What is currently being done about the current problem and possible solutions to that problem?

There were no possible solutions for our problem because rights being violated or taken away is still an ongoing problem in places like Iraq and are still trying to be resolved. I think this is a big problem and if they don’t find a solution soon things could get very out of hand.