Converse Sweatshop

By Nike.

Where are they located?


What products are made in this?

Shoes, athletic apparel.

What are the conditions like? They are physically and mentally abused. Workers have shoes thrown at them, they're kicked, and called dogs and pigs.

They only make 50 cents a hour. Some of these sweatshops even include child labor.

They have zero benefits, Nike says "the abuse has occurred but there's nothing we can do to stop this." Nike has tried to stop this from happening but has failed many times.

The industrial revolution has changed wealth, production, and the conditions we work in now for the better.

They need to fix this problem by providing better working conditions and fair pay to their workers.

I learned that some high end companies have harsh work places.

I'm more concerned about how the products I have bought are made now because of all the trouble those people go through for almost no money to produce these products.