The Three Branches of Government

Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch

The Legislative Branch (Website Congress for kids)

The Legislative Branch is composed of 2 parts the senate and the house of representatives.The powers of the legislative is making the law and the responsibilities are.

  1. passing laws
  2. originating spending bills(house)
  3. impeaching officials (senate)
  4. and approving treaties(senate)

Senate (Website congress for kids)

100 elected senators but there is only 2 elected senators.Senators per each state only .Each senator has to serve a 6 year term. The salary of the senate is $174.000 per annum. There are 3 qualifications

  1. the age you have to be at least 30 years old
  2. U.S citizenship at least nine years
  3. Residents of the states which they are elected

House of Representatives( Website congress for kids )

The salary of the House of Representatives is $174.000.The length of term is 2 years.The U.S makes up the House of Representatives .

Interesting fact

  • There are 435 members in the House of Representatives

Executive Branch

Some responsibilities of the president Barak Obama are

  • The president manages the U.S. Government and the country's national affairs
  • The president can mobilize and call to action National Guard
  • The president prepares the national budget
  • The president appoints members of the supreme court
  • The president is responsible for the protection of the american's aboard

Qualification's for the Presidency

The salary