Brightness Optimization Strategy

Optimise display monitor brightness & save power & Earth

How it Works?

  • Intro

We are the power managers from Sishu Griha School in Bangalore, India and we look for ways to save power consumption.

  • What is it all about ?

A new and profound research brought out the fact that optimizing brightness levels of computer monitors and LCD projectors will result in realizing substantial power savings in our school.

  • Why reduce power?

If each one in our planet reduces power consumption, we would not only find savings in money, but would also save our planet, its beauty and bounty.

  • Why in Computer Monitors?

Computers are one of the most widely used gadgets in today's world and it would be the easiest way, as a community, to just optimize monitor brightness settings and save substantial amount of power.

  • How does this help our planet?

It is proven that for every kWh of energy, we save, there is a reduction of 0.9kg of CO2. in the emission from power plants. Thus we reduce Carbon footprint.

  • And.... What more?

Reduction in power consumption implies reduction in power demand for the state and therefore a better prosperity!!

  • International Recognition

This project has been shortlisted by Volvo Adventure & United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as one of the 8 projects to represent India in the finals at the Volvo Adventure International Conference on Environment Education in Sweden - July 2013

power conservation through optimised brightness

Power Saving Potential

In an organisation with 1,00,000 computers, the power saving potential would be 0.3 to 0.5 megawatts!!

So please... Go ahead and optimize the brightness settings in your computer monitors. This is one of the most effective power saving options in a computer system.

The Graph Below

We carried out studies on CRT & LCD monitors. This is a power vs brightness graph (for a CRT monitors) that shows reduction in power consumption as the brightness levels were reduced down.

Computer Monitor Brightness optimization and power savings

We are the Power Managers, students of Sishu Griha School. We bring about awareness for saving power and how that can save our planet!!

Research crew:

  • Sanjna Rao
  • Sharanya Srinivasan

Strategy implementation and Community Awareness Spread Crew:

  • Akarsh K Bhagavath
  • Rahul Anand and
  • Srivatsan Raveendran

Project Guide:

Mr. Suryanarayanarao.S.R

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