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Meet Drew Kough

Hey, I'm Drew Kough. I have three grandparents, an aunt, a great aunt, and an amazing mom and dad. I also have four cats, a dog, five fish, and two lizards. I love art, reading and, playing games like Undertale, FNaF, or Skyrim. I also like watching the TV show Gravity Falls but, mostly I like watching YouTubers like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Mandopony and, a few others. I'm in Stuco and NJHS.
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To me leadership means being able to handle and control problems.

Famous Influential Leaders

Short Term Goals

1. Practice drawing a lot

2. Learn to play guitar

3. Work on my video game programing lessons

Long Term Goals

1. Become a scientist

2. Get better at art

3. Become a youtuber