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Teacher Directory

Teacher Directory

We are very excited to introduce our returning and newest Dolphin team members! We are dedicated to having the highest quality educators who provide the best instruction for our students. We know our newest Dolphin team members, along with our returning faculty, will live up to our high standards and have our Dolphins soaring to new heights!

Ms. Sandy Adelstein - 1st Grade

Ms. Adelstein is a 31-year teaching veteran and joined THRS in 2012. She taught 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades through the years and she is trained in G/T and Reading Recovery. She graduated from The University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. Ms. Adelstein’s classroom learning environment promotes fun, growth, and a sense of family.

Ms. Fareyha Alam - 5 ELA & ESL

Ms. Alam has been with THRS since 2006 in the capacity of a homeroom teacher focusing on ELA. She has also provided her services as an ESL, Yearbook & Journalism instructor and is a certified Apple Teacher and G/T Trained. Over the twenty-six years in the field of education, she is committed to ensuring that her students grow to be self-empowered, confident young leaders.

Ms. Angela Bahadoran - Toddler

Ms. Angela Bahadoran has been working in education for over 14 years. She earned her bachelor’s degree abroad and her Child Development Associate Credential here in Houston, TX. After some years teaching older students, Ms. Angela found her passion in teaching toddlers and seeing their fast development. She will be assisted by Ms. Celeste & Ms. Melissa.

Ms. Esther Burck - 2nd Grade

Ms. Esther Burck joined THRS in 2004. She received her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Houston and is G/T trained. She views each of her students as a unique person with his/her own strengths and accomplishments. She is dedicated to work together to enhance the child’s social and academic development.

Mr. Tom Charkalis - K

Mr. Charkalis commits himself wholeheartedly to the school community and believes every child can succeed. With over thirty years of teaching experience, Mr. Charkalis has earned H.A.A.E.Y.C. (Houston Area Association of Education of Young Children) and The Children’s Museum of Houston’s Teacher of the Year Awards. He is an Certified Apple Teacher and is G/T trained. As an educator, his main goal is to foster and augment each child’s innate interest and desire to grow and learn about the world around them. Ms. Beth Routzon will be assisting Mr. Tom's class.

Ms. Megan Malone - TK

Ms. Megan Malone begins her 14th year at The Honor Roll School. She is originally from Houston, TX and began her educational career here as an assistant for Kindergarten, followed by a full-time substitute teacher for K-8 and now, lead teacher of Transitional Kindergarten. Outside of THRS, Ms. Megan enjoys spending her time with son and daughter. This year, Ms. Elva will assist her TK class.

Ms. Sandra Coombs - 5/6 ELA

Ms. Sandra Coombs has been an educator for over a decade and a Sugar Land resident for twenty-five years. Having earned her teaching degree with honors from the University of Houston, she has a professional membership with The Texas Association of Gifted and Talented and The National Council of Teachers of English. She was campus teacher of the Year in an FBISD middle school and excited to begin her second year at THRS. She is an Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. A simple philosophy: Ms. Coombs believes students learn best when they feel valued, have a positive relationship with their teacher and are sincerely cared for.

Ms. Gwen Curtice - 6 Math

Ms. Curtice is a 46-year teaching veteran, with experience in elementary, middle school & competitive math. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University and a master’s degree in elementary education from the University of Houston at Clear Lake in addition to being G/T trained. She firmly believes all math is connected and introducing a logical progression of topic with hand-on activities, daily practice and problem solving, students can gain a love for math and long-term understanding.

Ms. Judith Eberhardt - 3rd Grade

Ms. Judith Eberhardt is truly honored to teach her students and watch them develop to their fullest potential. Over her career spanning twenty-one years in both private and public schools, she aims to engage students in more hands-on and project-based techniques. Ms. Eberhardt has a degree in English and Education from Centenary College in Hackettsown, NJ and in an ongoing master’s program in Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She is an Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. She is fully committed having each student express and write creatively!

Ms. Hannah Fisher - 4th Grade

Creativity, compassion, and critical thinking are three of the values that Ms. Hannah Fisher instills in her students every day. Prior to joining THRS in 2016, she graduated from Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri in 2015. She is an Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. As an ELA teacher, her goal is for her students to feel successful and become proficient in reading and writing through interactive notebooks and literature circles.

Ms. Michelle Fox - K

Ms. Michelle Fox has over a dozen years of experience here at THRS. Although teaching presented itself as a second career, Ms. Fox has allowed her to bring real world experiences to the classroom. A Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Master’s degree in Mass Media Marketing and Business Management has encouraged Ms. Fox to maintain a challenging, engaging and fun education environment. In addition, she is an Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. Ms. Fox aspires to take her students’ hands, open their minds and touch their hearts in a positive way! Ms. Farida Batyova will be assisting Ms. Fox's class.

Ms. Melissa Frank - K

Ms. Melissa Frank will be beginning her tenth year at THRS and continues to believe education should empower a child and help him or her make a positive contribution to our world. She received her bachelor’s degree from Texas State University with a major in Psychology and earned her teaching credentials in elementary education as well as ESL certification. She is a Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. Ms. Frank prides herself working with children and helping them reach for their dreams through education. Ms. Adriana Arreola will be assisting Ms. Frank's class.

Ms. Amanda Garvin - Pre-K

Ms. Amanda Garvin loves teaching pre-kindergarten. She joined THRS in March 2010 and enjoys teaching the little Dolphins in ECP. With hands-on and engaging activities, Ms. Amanda helps her students make meaningful connections. A mother of 5 and grandmother of 2, Ms. Amanda is innately nurturing. Ms. Krishna and Ms. Angeli will be assisting Ms. Amanda's Pre-K class.

Mr. Adrian Garza - TK

Mr. Adrian Garza has been at The Honor Roll School for an amazing 28 years. Originally from Sheridan, TX, Mr. Adrian earned his associate’s degree from Wharton County Junior College. Over the years, Mr. Adrian and his teaching assistant, Ms. Debbie, have made lasting impressions on countless children. With dedication to developing a love of learning, this transitional kindergarten 1 class is ready for another year!

Ms. Belinda Gomez - Toddler

Ms. Belinda Gomez has been a part of the Dolphin team for 18 years. She is certified in early childhood education from San Jacinto College. Working with toddlers is particularly rewarding for her since Ms. Belinda provides the child's first learning experience. Ms. Mireya and Ms. Natalie will be assisting Ms. Belinda's Toddler 1 class this year.

Mr. Brian Hamilton - Director of JV & Varsity Athletics

Mr. Brian Hamilton is a former professional athlete and the head basketball coach for The Honor Roll School since 2016. Coach Hamilton has experience planning and directing the training of student athletes, assessing individual abilities and determining appropriate team positions. Prior to joining THRS athletics, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Coach Hamilton is dedicated to assisting students in reaching his/her highest athletic potential through training and leadership skills.

Ms. Kim Holmes - 2nd Grade

Ms. Kim Holmes has enjoyed over twenty years at THRS. With an elementary education degree specializing in health and reading from the University of Houston, Ms. Holmes works hard to see each of her students as an individual with his/her own strengths and capabilities. She is a Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. By working together with parents, she views her mission as helping students develop the love of learning.

Ms. Sandy Honeycutt - 2nd Grade

Ms. Sandy Honeycutt has been at THRS for over a dozen years and feels it has been a wonderful blessing to have witnessed the children grow and bloom as learners. She enjoyed a professional career in business and engineering before following her passion to teach elementary students. Ms. Honeycutt is a Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained.

Ms. Vicky Hu - ECP Spanish

Ms. Vicky Hu has been at THRS for 25 years and counting. She has the pleasure of teaching Spanish to children in Toddler class to Transitional Kindergarten. From La Paz, Bolivia, Ms. Hu earned her degree in Philosophy and Literature. She has called Sugar Land home for over 30 years and enthusiastic to teach another year with her little ones!

Ms. Vangie Jordan - 3rd Grade

Ms. Evangeline (Vangie) Jordan has amassed 30+ years as an educator for grades 2-5 inspiring students and maximizing individual performance. She joins the Dolphin family bringing extensive experience in reading, math, and science with a Gifted and Talented Certification. Ms. Jordan is a graduate of Arizona State University with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Science. She has attended and participated in numerous professional development seminars related to education and is excited about bringing those experiences to her Honor Roll students.

Ms. Tempie Julian - TK

Ms. Tempie Julian has enjoyed 26 years at The Honor Roll School. Originally from Beaumont, TX, Ms. Tempie completed her Child Care Technology degree from Lamar University. She is working on course work in Interdisciplinary Studies from TSU. Ms. Tempie feels kids learn through play and aims to provide a nurturing, loving learning envrionment. Ms. Julisa will be assisting Ms. Tempie's TK-4 class this year.

Ms. Rosie Juloori - 1st Grade

Ms. Rosie Juloori has enjoyed the past 24 years here at THRS. Over her years, she has taught Kindergarten, First Grade, and Transitional Kindergarten. She graduated from Osmania University in India and earned her early childhood education from TSU. Ms. Juloori is a Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. She enjoys seeing her students learn while having fun, doing hands-on activities, and experiments. Her students and families appreciate her love of learning and infectious sense of humor.

Ms. Sammie Kennedy - K

Ms. Sammie Kennedy is excited to be celebrating her twelfth year in the classroom and her fourth year at THRS! She graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Education and holds certifications in Early Childhood through grade 6, grades 6-12, ESL and is G/T trained. Ms. Kennedy’s teaching philosophy is to cultivate within students a lifelong love of learning along with building a strong academic foundation. Her classroom promotes a friendly, nurturing environment with engaging, fun student-centered activities. Ms. Madison Habryl will be assisting Ms. Kennedy's class.

Ms. Megan Kent - 4th Grade

Ms. Megan Kent has been teaching for over 15 years, from 4th to 9th grade math. Her most recent experience has been in a private setting, preparing elementary students for math competitions. She is a Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. Ms. Kent is passionate about teaching problem solving skills and strongly feels the struggles of solving are life lessons. Ms. Kent has helped with middle school athletics and enjoys spending time with her 2 horses and 3 dogs outside of school.

Ms. Narmin Khoja - 3rd Grade

Ms. Narmin Khoja strives to provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks and learn to their full potential. Prior to her 5 years of teaching, Ms. Khoja earned her Bachelor of Arts from Texas A&M University and worked in the corporate world for over 10 years. Proving it’s never too late, she followed her heart and earned teaching certification from ACT. She is an Apple Certified Teacher as well as Gifted and Talented trained.

Ms. Priyanka Kumar - 2nd Grade

Ms. Priyanka Kumar is absolutely thrilled to be joining the 2nd grade team at The Honor Roll School. She graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor in Science and a minor in Business Foundations. Through Texas Teachers Alternative Certificate Program, she earned her teaching certificate for grades K-6. This will be her 3rd year teaching elementary students in a class room environment. Ms. Kumar’s class will be designed to spark creativity and curiosity, enrich learning objectives, and make her students lifelong problem solvers.

Ms. Tayler Kunce - 3rd Grade

Ms. Tayler Kunce is excited to join the Dolphin family. She received Bachelor of Science and Education from Ohio Dominican University. As a teacher, she believes that all students are individuals, and that everyone learns in their own unique ways. With experience in 2nd grade at an Ohio elementary school, Ms. Kunce understands the benefits of incorporating technology in the classroom and utilizing multiple methods of teaching to ensure she is reaching every student on his/her level. She and her fiance are looking forward to calling Sugar Land home.

Ms. Kim LaBolt - 4th Grade

Ms. Kim LaBolt is excited for her second year at THRS. Originally from Ohio, Ms. LaBolt is quick to support her local sports teams. She graduated from the University of Akron and earned her B.S. in Secondary Education majoring in Biology and minoring in Earth Science. Ms. LaBolt has experience teaching in areas such as Life Science, Earth Science, Astronomy, Chemistry, Health, and Physics as well as coding, architectural, and engineering elective courses. She remains active on campus coaching middle school athletics and participating in school-wide events.

Ms. Elan Lam - Art/Orchestra

Ms. Elan Lam is eager to help instill an excitement of learning through sharing what she loves with others. She has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University and her Masters in Art Education from Boston University. Over her 7 years in education, Ms. Lam has continued her qualifications by becoming an Apple Certified teacher, Gifted and Talented and Suzuki trained – a program committed to providing music education available to all children.

Ms. Lori Leal - Pre-K

This year marks Ms. Lori Leal's 15th year at The Honor Roll School. She is currently completing her final coursework for her CDA and continues to provide a loving, nurturing learning environment to her Pre-Kindergarten class. Ms. Vanessa and Ms. Reema will be assisting Ms. Lori this year in Pre-K 3 class.

Mr. Jonathan Leung - 7/8 Math, Algebra I, Geometry

Mr. Jonathan Leung looks forward to joining the middle school teaching team at The Honor Roll School. With experience in HISD and charter schools in Katy, Mr. Leung has enjoyed providing meaningful and engaging lessons in Algebra and Geometry through performance-based data and the effective use of technology. He earned his B.S. in Computer Engineering Technology from the University of Houston and is certified to teach Math, ESL Supplemental and Gifted and Talented. Mr. Leung is incredibly passionate about participating and competing in math contest such as MathCounts and TMSCA, having experienced it first-hand in middle and high school.

Ms. Thalia Lopez De Cardenas - Spanish I / II

Ms. Thalia Lopez De Cardenas has been at The Honor Roll School since 2011 and has been teaching for 20 years. She has experience teaching Spanish in community college and high schools in the area. Maestra Thalia is certified to teach Spanish as a second Language and Certified Apple Teacher. In addition to teaching a high school credit course, Maestra Thalia prepares student for the expectations of completing foreign language requirement.

Ms. Mylla Marvin - 5 Math

Ms. Mylla Marvin has been an educator for over 42 years. She has taught math in both public and private school, served as Math Specialist, earned Teacher of the Year four times and presented at state math conventions over her accomplished career. Ms. Marvin is G/T trained and working towards her Apple Teacher Certification. She is committed to making math interesting and fun for all students.

Ms. Sonal Marwaha - Librarian & STEAM

Ms. Sonal Marwaha has been at THRS since 2010 and serves our Dolphin community as the Librarian and STEAM teacher. Originally from New Delhi, India, Ms. Marwaha earned her Bachelors in Information Sciences and Technology from Bangalore University. She is committed to engaging her STEAM students in meaningful and hands-on experiments with real-world applications. Furthermore, her annual Book Fairs are definitely a crowd favorite! She is eagerly anticipating another successful year at the THRS Innovation Lab!

Ms. Jo Ann Mena - 7/8 ELA

Ms. Jo Ann Mena’s goal is to inspire students to attain academic excellence and develop into lifelong learners. She is a native Texan from El Paso, earning her B.A. in Political Science and English as well as her M. Ed. in Counseling from the University of Texas at El Paso. She most recently taught middle school ELA in Fort Bend ISD. Ms. Mena’s love of teaching has brought her to The Honor Roll School where her goal will be to inspire students to attain academic excellence and develop into lifelong learners.

Ms. Sandra Moore - Toddler

Ms. Sandra Moore is honored to be teaching at The Honor Roll School for 12 years and counting! She loves teaching the toddler age group as she feels children at this stage are the most honest and sincere. Through Houston Community College, Ms. Sandy proudly earned her Child Development Associate Credential and director’s certification. Ms. Karmen, Ms. Angelica and Ms. Tiffany will be assisting Ms. Sandy this year in her Toddler 3 class.

Ms. Cindy Moran - PE

Ms. Cindy Moran has made exercise, health and wellness a priority in her life. For the past six years, she was a PE Teacher, Track & Field, and Cross-Country coach at a charter school in the DFW area. Coach Moran has a Bachelors degree from the University of Phoenix in both Education and Psychology. In addition, she is also a certified health coach who counsels clients to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Coach Moran has a passion for helping students at a young age realize that exercise can be fun and how important nutrition is at a young age.

Ms. Anna Murchison - Science 7 Adv, Pre-Biology, Biology

Ms. Anna Murchison has been an integral part of the middle school family since joining from the Gifted & Talented Academy of Ft. Bend ISD. As a distinguish leader in high school preparation and advanced teaching, Ms. Murchison holds a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction from Texas A&M and undergraduate work in Biology, Psychology and French from LSU. She is an Apple Teacher and holds G/T certification. Ms. Murchison is enthusiastic to creating and nurturing a life-long love of learning in her students.

Mr. Jose Ortiz - 7/8 Social Studies

To inform, inspire, and ignite is Mr. Jose Ortiz’s goal as he explores the realm of History, Civics and Speech/Debate with middle school students. After obtaining his bachelors from Texas State University in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, he became certified in Social Studies 4-8. He is a Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. Mr. Ortiz believes the power of developing meaningful relationships is critical to successful learning.

Ms. Karyn Pannell - 1st Grade

Ms. Karyn Pannell is passionate about teaching and believes we all learn better with laughter! With two decades of teaching experience, Ms. Pannell has enjoyed her years in 1st, 3rd and 4th grades. She holds a journalism degree from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State). She is a Certified Apple Teacher and G/T trained. This year, Ms. Pannell will continue to work wonders with her students emphasizing project based learning and tech integration as an Apple teacher.

Ms. Mary Perrin - TK

Ms. Mary Perrin has enjoyed 5 years at The Honor Roll School. Prior to her time here as a Transitional Kindergarten teacher, she worked 15 years for an exchange program for students abroad. Ms. Mary seeks opportunities to create meaningful learning experiences for her students through hands-on activities and play. Ms. Jasmine will be assisting Ms. Mary’s TK 5 class this year.

Mr. Adam Ramsey - PE

Mr. Adam Ramsey strives to provide students with opportunities to be active and learn about athletics through sports, games and exercise. In addition to teaching for 12 years, Coach Ramsey also coached gymnastics for 7 years for students K through high school. He earned his BFA in Radio and Television from Sam Houston State University. Furthermore, outside of his duties as PE teacher, Coach Ramsey remains active on campus by organizing school-wide Trivia Bowl tournaments and middle school clubs.

Ms. Sue Sacks - TK

Ms. Sue Sacks has over 25 years of teaching experience. She received her degree in Early Childhood Education from Quincy College in Quincy, MA and has taken additional classes at Wheelock College and Lesley college to become Director Certified. She also had the wonderful experience of doing her student teaching at the Museum of Science in Boston, MA. Her classroom gives children a love of learning to help them develop a strong foundation for success. This will be Ms. Sue’s 13th year at The Honor Roll School. Ms. Christy will be assisting Ms. Sue’s TK 3 class for another year!

Mr. Jason Smith - Music

Mr. Jason Smith has enjoyed teaching music at The Honor Roll School for twenty years now and has had the privilege of directing musicals and recitals across grade levels and throughout the year. He graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Music Education degree with a Choral Vocal Emphasis. With certification in Orff Schulwerk pedagogy, Mr. Smith focuses on how children succeed at learning music through singing and movement.

Mr. Gaelan Tracy - 5/6 Science

A true scientist at heart, Mr. Tracy firmly believes as an educator it is important to help develop 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration and communication. He is excited to begin his second year at THRS. Mr. Tracy earned his Bachelor’s degree in General Science with Teaching from Temple University and the UTeach Program. He continues to be active in his professional development in classroom management, Gifted and Talented, Apple Teacher and Python coding in bioinformatics applications.

Ms. Laura Warren - K-5 Spanish

Ms. Laura Warren has been teaching elementary Spanish for twenty years and over a decade here at THRS. Maestra Laura hails from Mexico City and has raised her family in Missouri City. An avid runner, Maestra Laura has finished many half-marathons. She strives to help her students build meaningful connections with the Spanish language and culture.

Ms. Lauren White - Drama/Band

Ms. Lauren White has over a decade of experience guiding students in passion of the performing arts. A native of the Missouri City and Sugar Land area, Ms. White attended Southwest Texas (now Texas State) for Music and Business Administration. She continues her education at the University of Phoenix with hopes to earn her Master’s degree in Education. Ms. White is excited about another year of drama performances and band recitals that will “wow” the audiences!

Ms. Lisa Williams - Pre-K

Ms. Lisa Williams will be starting her 20th year this September and is excited to teach Pre-K2 once again! She aims to provide a loving, fun and hands-on learning environment for all her students. Ms. Lisa earned her Associates degree in Early Childhood Education from San Jacinto Community College. Ms. Linda and Ms. Samantha will be assisting Ms. Lisa this year in Pre-K 2 class.

Ms. Kim Yates - 5/6 Social Studies

Ms. Kim Yates is excited and honored to be teaching at THRS this year. She graduated from University of Houston with a Bachelors of Science and completed her student teaching at a private school in Houston that utilized the Rice University Literacy Program and continued her teaching career in a FBISD middle school. Her goal is to help students be purposeful in their learning and enjoy applying what they have learned to the real world.