Book Review: Insergent

By: Emmoni Preciado Written by: Veronica Roth


Sixteen-year-old Tris lives in a society that has been divided into factions in order to extinguish undesirable human traits that lead to a world at war. Each faction is guided by one virtue: Amity values peace, Erudite values intelligence, Candor values truth, Abnegation values selflessness, and Dauntless values courage. But on the day of Tris' initiation into Dauntless, a coup leads to the very thing the establishment of the factions tried to prevent, and the factions find themselves on the brink of war with one another. Now, with Erudite trying to seize control, each faction is splintering into loyalists and traitors, and it's hard to know which is which. Tris must decide where her loyalties lie while grappling with unrelenting guilt and grief--emotions that affect both her choices and her relationships. With her Divergence fully exposed, Tris is not sure if she is more helpful or harmful to those she love

About the Author

Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth is an American novelist and writer of an award winning series divergent series. She is now the age 27, and was born on August 19, 1988 in New York City, NY. But she was brought up in Barrington, Illinois. She is the youngest of three children. Her parents divorced when she was five years old, and her mother has since remarried to Frank Ross, a financial consultant for landscaping companies. Her brother and sister live in the Chicago area.After attending a year of college at Carleton College, she transferred to Northwestern University for its creative writing program. She married photographer Nelson Fitch in 2011. They reside in the Chicago area.