End World Hunger

By: Leah Wanner

What is the leading cause of World Hunger today?

  • Over population 7.19 million
  • Uninformed citizens Ethiopia: 24%, 42% of children under the age of 5 are underweight
  • Not enough farms to produce food
  • Lack of education of how they can help and feed there own families

What can we do to End World Hunger?

We need to be be hosting educational classes to inform people that they can help end world hunger. If everyone had there own garden that would reduce the demand of the need of produce. You can also start family and community farms to teach people how to raise there own meat as well. Also it will help if people are aware of the need to help and end hunger one house at a time. Even if half of the population can grow there own garden that will help with being able to make and produce enough food to feed the others without a stress on the farmers.