Whaley Prosecution Firm

Getting you the justice you deserve since 2015!

What We Do

At Whaley Prosecution Firm we provide excellent and updated resources and prosecution specialists in assisting you getting the justice you deserve! You will be going up against the defendant but not alone! You will have our highly sought after plaintiffs to back you up.

The Process

When you have a reasonable complaint against someone else and decide to take it to court, before the summons call up the Whaley Prosecution Firm and we will help you out. When the date comes around, you and your prosecution specialist will go to the pretrial conference. After that you will proceed to the courthouse and your trial will commence. What the outcome may be, is up to you... and us.
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Mr. Conel

Mr. Conel came to us with a problem involving money and scam. He told us his landlord had told him he had to pay rent (which he already did) and if he didnt he would be kicked out. He refused and the landlord brought him to court with pleadings that he had been scammed. Mr. Conel gave us a call and we went right over. During the trial, the other party attempted a mediation, but was unsuccessful. They even used an arbitration to do it. What finally turned the discussion in Mr. Conel's direction was the preponderance of evidence, a copy of the his first payment to the landlord. The final verdict was that our client was correct and the landlord was a con. The defendant attempted to appeal but the judge wouldn't hear it. This case is the first of many successful ones to come.