Andrew Jackson

The most abusive president in US history.

Reasons that he was a Zero.

Andrew Jackson was the man that caused thousands of Native Americans to take the Trail of Tears. 25% of Indians died on the Trail of Tears. They were given three "choices" which all involved either giving up there land, death, or giving up their culture completely to become part of Americas. During Andrew Jackson's term he also closed the national bank causing 1000s of people to lose their jobs. He mostly abused the power of the veto and didn't even follow the law at times.

The Nullification Crisis

Andrew Jackson also caused the Nullification Crisis which was a sectional crisis created from South Carolina's Ordinance of Nullification. The Ordinance declared the tariffs unconstitutional. The nation suffered an economic downfall during the 1820s and South Carolina was most affected.

Some of Andrew Jackson's worst decisions

Worst power abuser

Why people called him King Andrew the first

People called him King Jackson because he would abuse all of his power. Andrew Jackson thought he was above the law and thought that just because he was president he could do whatever he wanted. He would use the veto so much that it was abused.
History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester
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