A Christmas Carol

Written by Ajith

Christmas Carol- A must see play!

A Christmas Carol by Charles dickens is a really beautiful play that has lots of neat sets and art. The sets have lots of detail to them and scrooge's house has so much detail for such a small thing. One reason to watch the play is so you can get some useful information about sacrifice. You will watch a play in which a man changes and sacrifices his money for other people on Xmas. He knows how great the holiday is and changes himself. Another reason to watch the play is so you can see all the amazing sound effects. The sound effects are awesome because you can hear the footsteps from the top row. Especially when the ghost comes out, it gets soooo loud and awesome! The final reason to watch the play is you can feel it more and visualize it! Christmas Carol does a great job when the ghost's come out and the rich dialogue that they use. You can understand it more from the lighting because it sets that mood...

In conclusion, I think A Christmas Carol is a really well written play and I recommend this to anyone who wants a little bit of everything(comedy, action, fun!!) This is a must see play and you should get up and go watch it now!!!