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Approved: T. Evans February 12, 2016

Sun Experts

We are now experts on the sun. The students divided into small groups to research answers for questions they developed after our initial introduction to the sun. Some questions were "Will the sun ever burn up?" and "How do we know the sun is so hot?" plus several more. From their non-fiction book research, the reading of non-fiction text and viewing of information from NASA, we were able to answer every question. The students used their first "graphic organizer" to tell all about the sun. There were three columns for them to complete -- what the sun is, what the sun has, and what the sun can do. They did an excellent job. Some of the information they gleaned pointed out the dangers of the sun, both to us and vegetation. This was the perfect springboard into our question "How can we build a structure to protect things from the harmful effects of the sun? " First, we observed images of various shade structures. We explored shady areas around our school and discussed what was causing the shadow. Next, I introduced the testing material (UV sensitive beads) we would use for their designs. Those were the hit! Our next step was to gather everyday items to use as building materials. The students worked with a partner to decided on a design and what materials to use. They used their "architect" skills to draw the design (making sure they used correct 3D shapes in their drawing or description). We've collected the materials and will be building (like engineers) next week. Can't wait to see if we have any successes. If none of them work very well, we'll have a chance for discussion, redesign and retesting. Throughout the process the students have been using informational writing, math skills and language skills in sharing their ideas with their peers. We did take a day off from the project to learn about Valentine's Day and have our party. They were very excited to share their Valentine cards. And not a crumb was left on their plates from the strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream and chocolate candy.

What's Happening Next Week?

Little architects, engineers and scientists will be found in our classroom as the students design, build and test their shade structures. We'll also start our final investigation in science - Our Big Backyard. This will cover weather, animals - especially birds, plants, and how the students can be good citizens for "our big backyard" (the Earth). Math will be focused on addition and subtraction, word problems, and fluency with hidden partners to 5.

Important Dates

February 18 -- Report Cards Go Home

February 23 -- Class Pictures


RL.K.2 RL.K.9; RF.K.1a-d; RF.K.2.a and d; RFK.3a-c; W.K.3; W.K.7; W.K.8; SLK.2; SLK.5; SLK.6; LK1.a; LK.2a-d; KCC.1; KCC.2; KCC.4; KCC.5; KCC.6; K.OA.1, 2 and 3.