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Exposition:setting:ancient Egypt,temple,boat,outside/inside palace,bedroom.characters:



Rising Action:Antagonist:Joe,Sam,Fred,Anna,Cleo(Anna's cat),Thutmose,Hatsheput,Isis.


Climax:Anna gets lost trying to find Cleo outside the palace.


Falling Action:Hatshepsut found out that Anna was Joe's sister she ordered everyone to search for her,but they couldn't find her so Hatsheput thanked everyone for looking,and they went down into the ''beautiful house''


Resolution:Hastan ties them up and was about to mummified them,but Anna asked Isis to saved them and THE BOOK falls from a hole in the roof and they get time warped back home.



  1. MAN V>V MACHINE:Anna opens THE BOOK to find a picture of a lady with two crowns(north Egypt and south Egypt)but they get time warped to ancient Egipt.
  2. MAN V>S MAN:Hastan is tring out names,but then he said''the grand,glorios most awsome off all...Hastan''.That did it.They started to laugh so hard.when they stoped laughing the 3 kids notised they were in troble.
  3. MAM V.S NATURE:When they got on the royal boat Hastan pushed Fred off the boat,but there were crocodilels were foloing
  4. MAN V.S SELF:Sam dosn't want to put on eye darker
  5. MAN V.S MAN:Hastan ties the 4 kids were going to get mummyfied.


The theme of this book is:have caution on what you are doing before it is to late.

charecter analis

  • PROTAGONIST:Anna:trying to survive to survive,Joe:trying to survive,Sam:is trying to survive,Fred:is trying to survive,Thutmose:helps,Hatsheput:helps,Isis:helps.
  • ANTAGONIST:Hastan:tries to kill Joe,Sam Fred,Anna

4 facts about ancient Egypt

  1. kings were called ''parahoes''
  2. king Thutmose3 is often called the ''egyptian napoleon''
  3. ancient Egyptians loved board games
  4. both men and wemen wore makeup
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