The Crossover

Dear Mrs.Miller,

I have just finished reading an award winning book The Crossover by Kwame Alexander. This book inspires me because I am passionate about basketball. The characters in the book have diverse and unique traits, but what they all have in common is the love for basketball. Everybody's love for basketball is different and intense. By far this has been my favorite ssr book.

In the book The Crossover, there is a family of four. The two twins and the parents, but the main character is Filthy. They call him filthy because thats the name he got from his baketball skills. During this book the twin brothers have a great bond at the beggining, and then it slowly fades after filthy's brother gets a girlfriend. Alone time is all Filthy had in his hands, and especially when he hit his brother with the basketball and his nose started bleeding, they didn't talk much after. Some of the conflict of this story is that their father " THE MAN" had started having nose bleeds and symptoms of heart attacks. Later in the book The man dies from a heart attack, he never once liked the doctor because his father died in the hospital. Later the twins started to get their bond back, Filthy's brother later gave him their fathers ring because he deserved it.

I would reccomend young adults and adults to read this book even though they will have mixed emothions and many questions leading to the end. This book was very interesting and I would definenltly read it again anytime. The reason I loved this book was because it had alot of interesting things that touched me and made me SLAM DUNK!

Sincerely, Iain