Hands-Only CPR

By:Matthew Lerner

What Is It

Hands-only CPR is an alternative form to mouth-to-mouth CPR. It was created to help prevent the spread of diseases through mouth-to-mouth recessatation. It's also more appealing and friendly to the person saving the life of a person of the same sex.

Fun Facts

  1. The American Heart Association trains more than 12 million people in CPR annually, to equip Americans with the skills they need to perform bystander CPR.
  2. CPR stands for Cardio Palminary Recessatation
  3. CPR use has been dated back to the mid 1700s
  4. CPR was officially invented in 1960
  5. If CPR is started within 4 minutes of a victim collapsing, they have a 40% higher chance of survival
  6. Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of death in adults
  7. If bystander is CPR not provided, a victim’s chances of survival fall 7 percent to 10 percent for every minute.
  8. Special dolls/dummies are used for CPR training
  9. CPR does the work of the heart temporarily
  10. The youngest person to successfully preform CPR was 9 years old