Renewable Vs. Non-Renawable Resorces

By: Alex Jansen, and Tommy White, And David Adegbenro

The Purpose Of The Website

We are trying you to show the differences between non-Renewable and Renewable energy. You need to know the difference because you have to be cautios with non-Renewable resources so they don't run out. So you need to be able to know the difference so you don't cause non-renewable resources to run out.

Renewable Resources

Renewable Energy is any resource that can be replinished or replaced naturally in the course of time. Renewable Resources is and endless supply because it can be used over and over again . Examples are solar,wind,hydroelectric,biomass, and geothermal. Renewable Energy is an endless process. Renawable Energy is Inexhaustible. Inexhaustible is like an infinite amount of resources which is impossible to run out. Inexhaustible is an endless supply.

Non- Renewable Energy

  1. A Non-Renewable resource is A resource of economic value that cannot be readily replaced by natural means on a level equal to its consumption. Most fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas and coal are considered nonrenewable resources in that their use is not sustainable because their formation takes billions of years. And Later On That supply will run out. Examples are Earth minerals and metal ores, fossil fuels (such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas), nuclear fuels, and groundwater in certain aquifers are all non-renewable resources.

Difference Between Renewable and Non- Renewable

Renewable energy sources are ones which don't run out - which can be renewed. We can keep using them and using them, and we'll never run out. Examples of renewable sources include wind, water power (hydroelectric), and solar power (light from the sun).

Non-renewable energy sources are ones which do run out. As we use them to generate energy, they get used up, and can't be used a second time. There are three main non-renewable energy sources, which are fast running out: coal, oil and natural gas.

What Renewewable energy means to Us

What renewable energy means to us is any resource that can be used over and over again in a human lifetime. Renewable Energy is king of like recycling. Once you use it later you can use it for something else.

Are Humans Non-Renewable Or Renewable

  1. Renewable resources on the other hand are resources that are regenerated or replaced by natural processes within human lifespans. Examples of renewable resources include sunlight, cotton fibre, energy from hydroelectric schemes, solar power and wind power.

    Other resources, such as humans, wood and fish, can be renewed, as long as they don't die or be used too fast.