How NOT To Die in The Wilderness


These are some tips

10 facts and tips on how not to die in the wilderness

  1. Do not panic. Panicking makes it worse. Always stay calm and try to find out where you are WHY because when you panic it makes it worse and you don’t know what to do ,

  2. Try to make a fire. Most animals don’t approach fires WHY fires will keep you warm and keep animals away

  3. Make a weapon. Such as a stick and sharpening the end WHY to protect yourself .

  4. Always look on the bright side don’t be pessimistic WHY because if you are positive you will be able to notice more things .

  5. Never eat any berries that look poisonous WHY cause you might die or get poisoned .

  6. Don’t sleep plain on the floor make a shelter, to protect you from rain wind snow exc. WHY because you don’t want to get all these insects getting on you

  7. Alway keep a lookout for anything that can save you from this habitat WHY because if you are stranded you want to get saved

  8. stay away from beavers WHY beavers are very dangerous animals

  9. Don’t approach bears WHY bears are easy attacker to humans

NEVER TRUST ANYBODY WHY They might backstab you for your shelter

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