8:15-8:45 Morning ER (Early Review)

Available for any student wishing to have a quiet place to work or to receive extra assistance from your teacher(s). If you are not successful in a class, you are expected to take advantage of this opportunity. Your teachers may assign Morning ER for any student in need of extra work time or lacking success with school processes. You are encouraged to use your class time wisely and turn in all assigned work. Morning ER is available in Mrs. Kenyon's, Mrs. Kitchin's, or Mrs. Whitfield's classrooms.

Friday ER (Early Release) @ 11:50

Granted to juniors who have proven to be successful for the week. Make sure you ask your teachers if you have been granted Friday ER; do not assume that you are clear to leave campus early.

Math III Classes

We are fortunate to have two knowledgeable substitutes for the next few weeks in Math III and Mrs. Whitfield will be checking with them daily on student success. It is important that you listen carefully to any changes in classroom processes and the expectations of your Instructor(s). Change of any kind (good or bad) can be stressful but change should never be an excuse for someone to not be successful.

Show off your "best self" daily!

Friday Deadlines!

Signed Progress Reports & Impact (Federal) Cards should be returned with your folder by Friday.

Have you reviewed your grades? NOW is the time to make personal changes in your work habits to improve your average before the end of the 9 wks. Speak with your Campfire Teacher if you need assistance with developing your time management skills.

What do your teachers expect? We expect you to do YOUR BEST! Let us know how we can Best help YOU to be SUCCESSFUL!!!


Spirit Week! September 14-18

  • Monday: Wacky, Tacky Day
  • Tuesday: College Day
  • Wednesday: Occupation Day
  • Thursday: 70’s Day
  • Friday: PJ Day