Hard working ants

By Brooke Glazener

Ants work forever and that is a long time. You will see how cool these insects are.

Ants work hard

Ants are hard workers. Ants will work until they die. I am so happy that I am not one of them. The forgers are the oldest ants in there little tribe. If food is scarce the forgers will seach thousands of feet. WOW, that is a long run for a ant. The tunnel diggers dig more space in there home.

Ants recycle leaves

The ants put leaves over there head. The mandibles is like a saw. The ants work like a factorys processing leaves. The ants will always and always recycle leaves. WOW, now I know how hard the the ant or should I say in ant language mandibles work. The mandibles carry the leaves all the way down to there home or ant pile which mean home too.