Copyright and Fair use

By: Vanessa Rojas

Definition of Copyright-

Is when you claim your own work online or anywhere else, so other people wont try to use what you did and take credit for it.

- If you do want to copy something word from word make sure you cite what you copied.

Definition of Fair use-

The fair use provision of the copyright statute allows for the reproduction of parts of copyrighted materials without permission of the copyright owner.

stuff about copyright and fair use

-Somebody steals your story that you worked hard to make and doesn't give you credit for it.

-Copyright law protects woks that have been fixed in a protects things fixed in tangible media.

-Up to 10 or 1000 minutes, whichever is less, of the total piece.


Music, Lyrics, and Music Video

up to 10 but in no event more than 30 seconds, of the music and lyrics.